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 The guild's ranks!

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PostSubject: The guild's ranks!   Sun Nov 01, 2015 3:31 pm

A quick introduction to the ranks within the guild, what is expected of each rank, perks and benefits.

A fresh member, awaiting an IC interview or other means of being recruited.
Can also be alts of recruited members. The guild-note will inform.
Can not attend events, unless the target.
Can not use gnomecorders.

- Novice
A fresh recruit.
Duty: prove worthy of the time and resources.
Can attend events. Will be watched.
Can use gnomecorders.

- Understudy
Novices that show dedication! 
They have attended a couple events and shown capability and worth their salt.
Shows activity both socially and in events.
Will get slightly better paid.
Can attend events.
Can use gnomecorders.

- Assassin
Formerly split into "Mercenary", "Spellweaver", "Assassin" and "Sharpshooter", but now functions as one single rank.
Proven your salt, done an impressive deed once or twice.
Loyal to a fault.
Active in events, training and social aspects. Reliable.
Slightly better pay than Understudy.
Can use gnomecorders.

- Specialist
A loyal and active member.
Have proven to have a unique and specialized set of skills and mind that are superior to Assassin.
Stands out in a crowd with a hint of authority.
Have been, and continues to be, active in events, doing well for themselves and setting good standards.
Good pay.
Can use gnomecorders.

- Tactician
A "finished" Assassin.
Potential Mentor, granted a practice rank to test and learn one's mental and physical limits in hosting events and controlling unruly masses of people.
Dedicated, good attitude.
Decent pay, for each mission completed. A little extra for hosting it.
Can use gnomecorders.
Can attend and host events. Though, limited to 7 participants, plus a Mentor or CM to watch over.

- Mentor
Expected to train and exercise the members in your own field of expertise. 
Demands great attitude and dedication.
Very good pay.
Can use gnomecorders.
Can host and attend events.

- Elite
One of the best in your field of area in the guild. Oldest, most dedicated and loyal members, yet not suited for Mentor/not wishing the officer rank.
Assumed the creme de la creme rank.
Substantially high pay.
Can use gnomecorder.
Can attend events.

- Council Member
The fingers that with the Leader (the thumb) makes out the hand of leadership.
In charge of controlling contracts, the spy-network. Runs the guild on a daily basis; same power to make decisions as the Boss. Expected to knowingly answer any question related to the guild. 
Can be obtained with hard work and dedication (both IC and OOC all together). Require time, patience and the ability to work with others.
Pay: top notch!
Can use and modify gnomecorders.
Can attend and host events.

- Leader (Guild Master)
Responsible for the guild as a whole.
Runs the show with his Council Members, but has the right to veto.
So far, there are no known way of obtaining this rank; not even by Boss's death.

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The guild's ranks!
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