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 General RP-rules - Guidelines!

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PostSubject: General RP-rules - Guidelines!   Fri Mar 25, 2016 2:45 pm

*OBS! Under construction! OBS!*

- We do not metagame! - Unless specifically agreed upon by all parties involved, we do not know a strangers name, job, education, guild, friends etc, other than what they tell us IC. Even if they lie we are not picking up on that unless the circumstances allow for doubt or, again, it's agreed upon out of character first. 

- We do not godemote! - We do not god emote. All interactions with others while in character must be done with the allowance for them to react. Words such as "tries", "attempts", and "would" are used consistently in emotes as we assume that those around us are going to react and should be allowed sufficient time to do so. This does not apply if a deal is struck while out of character or in whisper.

- Try to be somewhat realistic - Although Azeroth is in a fantasy universe, our characters are, for the most part, made out of flesh and blood. Gravity, weather, temperature, environment, magic, all sorts of things can have a desired or undesired effect on your character and their performance. Remember to adjust according to the character you are playing!

- Constructive criticism - Sometimes when trying something new and unusual, you will, on occasion, flat-out break the lore accidentally. If this happens, and it is noticed by others, please remember to keep an open mind when discussing the lore with others and be open to constructive criticism as well as potential fixes. Please study your race, class, and lore before bringing a character into the world of roleplay, and please remember to ask any of our friendly neighbourhood lore nerds if you have any doubts or concerns!

- Separating IC and OOC - Is someone's character behaving like an ass towards yours? Do you feel ignored by someone else's character? Maybe that character simply does not like yours. It's never personal and it never will be! Roleplayers are mostly very nice people and the views/beliefs of their character will rarely represent their own by default!

- Have patience! Some are slow writers, some cover a lot in their /s or emotes, some juggle whispers and conversations at the same time, and most of these people enjoy being creative. Please allow your fellow roleplayers time to react to your emotes and be patient as they write their own wonderful emotes for whatever you have challenged them with! If you find yourself feeling ignored, or a lot were said and emoted alongside your own say/emote, gently poke and whisper the person(s) and ask if they saw your text/emote. Sometimes things do get lost in the spam that can be group roleplay, or perhaps they were afk for the moment you hit enter and it got lost in the masses of text that followed.

*Permission given to the other officers to edit this.*

- For gits and shiggles! -

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General RP-rules - Guidelines!
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