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 The Gnomecorders!

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PostSubject: The Gnomecorders!   Mon Mar 14, 2016 1:50 am

Our mechanical communications device. It is a cross-breed between a walkie-talkie and a GPS, allowing the functionality of both. Fits comfortably within most hands.

Default Buttons        - Power on/off, Tracking on/off (Blue), Push-to-talk (Red), Self destruct (Black)
Battery life               - Consistent use; 2 months. Idle; 2 years.
Range                     - Roughly one continent, not including disturbances, ley lines, and alternative time lines.

Green Flashes indicate an incoming message.

By default NOT water proof.

Can be modified with appropriate experience in gnomish engineering or by getting someone adept in the discipline to do it for you. Modifications made to some corders include bigger screen, water-proofing, earpiece, various interface changes, etc.

- For gits and shiggles! -
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The Gnomecorders!
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